Scramble Rebel Gi

Topics: MMA Gear
Scramble introduces a new superlative athletic cut Jiu-Jitsu Gi.  The Scramble Rebel Gi features a two-tone contrasting color design, high quality ripstop pants and 475 GSM Pearl Weave jacket.  Take your training to the next level with this non-competition legal Scramble Gi. Similar in fit to the Scramble Athlete Gi, you can expect a level of familiarity from the ultra popular grappling brand.  Including a stretch drawstring for a superior level of comfort during long grappling sessions.  An “SK” (Scramble Kimonos) logo makes an appearance on the lower right pants leg and left and right shoulders to round out the design.  Take an in depth look at the newly released Scramble Rebel Gi below.
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