Fight Style: Seager Condit Photoshoot with Licked Magazine

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The upcoming UFC 154 event from Montreal, Quebec, Canada is getting as much publicity as possible, and with only a few days left until showtime, the card gets another piece of the spotlight from an unlikely source. Seager Condit, Carlos Condit’s wife, recently did a photoshoot with Licked magazine to promote the highly touted matchup. The magazine, whose motto is ‘Wonderfully tacky yet wickedly refined,’ featured Ms. Condit wearing Headrush’s signature Carlos Condit walkout shirt, which he will wear in the walkout leading up to this title fight. Take a peek at the photos of his gorgeous wife below, and get your head in the game for UFC 154 this weekend, which features a main event title unifier fight between Carlos Condit and Georges St-Pierre.

Seager Condit Photoshoot with Licked Magazine

Source: Licked Magazine

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