Shock Doctor Shockskin Sleeveless Shirt

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This elite Shock Doctor Shockskin sleeveless shirt helps you get the very most out of your training sessions, while protecting your body from damage and injury. This ground-breaking training shirt by Shock Doctor offers protection for the chest and rib area, reducing the risk of injury while allowing maximized breathability and range of motion. The fabric and padding are both lightweight, creating a comfortable barrier from body strikes, without weighing you down. This shirt also keeps your body cool, utilizing airflow cooling technology to regulate your temperature when you’re working your hardest. This Shock Doctor Shockskin shirt can give you quite a performance boost for your high-octane training sessions, all in a sleek gray/black sleeveless design.

Shock Doctor Velocity Shockskin MMA 3-Pad Sleeveless Shirt
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Shock Doctor Velocity Shockskin Shirt