SPRAWL Fusion II Fight Shorts

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[letercaps]S[/letercaps]prawl spices up the summer season with a bold new vision for their Fusion II fight shorts, called Woodland Camo. This exclusive new colorway can inject some life into your fight shorts collection, with camouflage and bright orange accents built to stand out, whether in the gym or in a fight. Lightweight, 4-stretch fabric, a no-slip waist, repositioned side slits, and fungus, blood, and sweat resistance are just a few of the innovative features incorporated into these performance driven shorts. Add these spectacular features along with the vivid pattern and coloring, and you’ve got yourself a stellar new pair of fight shorts that will stand out in the gym as well as give you a performance boost.

SPRAWL Fusion II Woodland Camo Fight Shorts
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SPRAWL Fusion II Woodland Camo Fight Shorts

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