Submission Sunday: Dustin Poirier’s Triangle/Armbar Combo

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Last night’s UFC 143 event was one of those rare events where the submission stoppages are slim to none. There were only two submission wins on the card, and one of them belonged to “The Diamond,” UFC rising star Dustin Poirier. Headrush-sponsored Poirier was facing off against a 20-year-old Max Holloway, who was debuting in the UFC. The young Hawaiian looked impressive on his feet, but Poirier proved to be the dominant grappler, taking him down and earning the submission of the night victory. By earning a mounted triangle, he was able to transform it into a triangle/armbar hybrid, which caused Holloway to submit. With the impressive finish, Dustin Poirier is quickly moving up the ranks at 145 pounds.

Dustin Poirier's Submission at UFC 143 | Picture via

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