Superior Venum Kontact Protective Training Gear

Topics: MMA Gear

The Brazilian Snake is looking out for your limbs, working tirelessly to provide world-class protection for training and competition alike. Newly released are Venum’s Kontact shinguards, shin and instep guards, and elbow protectors. Each piece is made with care, providing a union between comfort and protection at a fair price. Lightweight padding is found in plenty, encased in a soft microfiber fabric that is comfortable and practical. Venum’s hissing snake logo makes an appearance on each piece, and color choices are given between black, blue, or red, depending on which piece you’re going for. Pick up the entire set today to get a step up in training, while avoiding injury and effectively extending your fighting years.


Venum Kontact Shinguards | Black & Blue Color | Front & Back View

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Venum Kontact Shin and Instep Guards | Black, Blue & Red | Front & Back View

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Venum Kontact Elbow Protector | Black & Blue | Front View

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