TapouT Sonnen Says Shirt Preview

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Due to popular demand, TapouT has unleashed a signature shirt design for Chael Sonnen. This shirt was created in memory of one of the craziest situations in MMA history, the recent fiasco regarding the cancellation of UFC 151. As you all know, Dan Henderson had to pull out of UFC 151 with a knee injury, which then set up a matchup between “The American Gangster” and “Bones.” However, Jones wasn’t having any of it, and he declined the fight. UFC 151 was cancelled, marking the first event cancellation in UFC history, and the fans have been outraged at the sudden turn of events. As a play on the Nike “Bones Knows” shirt, TapouT has engineered a shirt that will spark a heated conversation among MMA fans for years to come. The shirt, called “Sonnen Says,” will be available in the coming days, and it will be a limited edition design that few fans will have a chance to get their hands on. Stay tuned to FighterStyle.com for the announcement of when the shirt is available for purchase, and where you can go to score a piece of MMA history.

UPDATE: Should be available for shipping/sale around September 5th. Leave a comment below with your twitter name or email address if you wish to be notified as soon as the shirt becomes available.

TapouT Sonnen Says Shirt Preview

TapouT Sonnen Says Shirt Preview | Front

TapouT Sonnen Says Shirt Preview

TapouT Sonnen Says Shirt Preview | Back


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