TapouT Spring 2012 Shirt Collection, Part II

Topics: MMA Clothing

TapouT unleashes a follow-up to their exciting Spring collection of battle-worthy tees, fresh off the line and ready to be worn in support of our fast-growing sport. First up is the Tribal Blades shirt, capturing the warrior’s mentality with a sword going through a skull in the center, and an abstract red and silver design splashed across the surface. “Rising Eagle” is an excellent follow-up, showing off a glorious eagle front and center, with “Simply Believe” scrolling across the bottom. The theme is distinctly modern, with a fun cursive logo, pinwheels, and bold, contrasting accents on both sides. Rounding out the second part of this collection is the Mindset tee, showing “Driven to Win” and “Change History” along with a black splash theme and green accents. Celebrate MMA’s unsurpassed growth and popularity along with TapouT by adding their Spring shirt collection to your extensive collection of MMA apparel.

TapouT Tribal Blades Shirt | Front & Back View

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TapouT Rising Eagle Shirt | Front & Back View

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TapouT Fight Mindset Shirt | Front & Back View

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