TapouT Spring 2012 Shirt Collection, Part III

Topics: MMA Clothing

TapouT unleashes a new level of artistry within their MMA apparel line of tees with an all-new addition to their multi-faceted Spring 2012 designs. Each encompasses its own theme and visual appeal, but all designs are intricate and ornate, with complex, well thought out graphics and cool logos. The shirts included in this part III collection are the Live and Die, Lions Crest, Kingsword, and Chained designs. Complete with crosses, skulls, crowns, snakes, swords, lions, shields, and staffs, these bold tees are just the thing to be seen in for the next big MMA event, or as everyday casual wear in between. You’ll get noticed more than ever before, and make a splash while watching your favorite fighters duke it out in the Octagon.


TapouT Live and Die Shirt

TapouT Live and Die Shirt | Front & Back

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TapouT Lions Crest Shirt

TapouT Lions Crest Shirt | Front & Back

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TapouT Kingsword V-Neck Shirt

TapouT Kingsword V-Neck Shirt | Front & Back

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TapouT Chained Shirt

TapouT Chained Shirt | Front & Back

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