Tatami Honey Badger Vale Tudo Shorts

Topics: MMA Clothing

A thrilling new pair of Tatami shorts make their way into the spotlight, boasting the popular and stunning graphic design work of Meerkatsu. These vale tudo shorts show off a honey badger theme similar to Meerkatsu’s honey badger rashguard by Tatami, creating the opportunity to match up the designs for a truly outstanding workout outfit. This design boasts a double lining and fully sublimated graphics, ensuring that they’ll last through your intense training sessions. The graphics reveal honey badger eyes on the back and dual cobras and a badger on the right leg, with script written on the left. Show off some great style while honing your skills this year by sporting these Tatami shorts in the gym.

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Tatami Honey Badger Vale Tudo Shorts - Black

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