Tatami Zero G V2 Superlight BJJ Gi

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The lightest BJJ gi on the market just got lighter! Tatami Fightwear introduces their Zero G V2 design, which is one of the lightest designs on the market today. The A2 Men’s version weighs only 3.3 lbs, which is very lightweight, maximizing movement, dexterity, and speed. Other features include a rubberized collar, which prevents moisture buildup when you’re working hard; a single piece jacket, increasing strength as well as comfort; and 10-ounce heavy cotton stitching throughout the entire gi, which ensures long-lasting durability. The pants are double-reinforced, so although they are lightweight, they are also strong and durable. Give your BJJ training the best you can give with this ultra-lightweight new gi from Tatami Fightwear.

Tatami Zero G V2 Superlight BJJ Gi | Black

Tatami Zero G V2 Superlight BJJ Gi | White

Tatami Zero G V2 Promo Video

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