Team Hayabusa UFC Fight Night 27 Preview

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Team Hayabusa will be in full force when UFC Fight Night 27 rolls around tomorrow night. The fight night team consists of stand outs: Brad Tavares, Court McGee, Bubba McDaniel, Erik Perez, James Head and Roger Bowling. Hayabusa is well-known for their suprior fight shorts and many apparences inside the Octagon. You can expect to see the Haburi Compression Shorts along with Chikara Performance Shorts, which have become the top choice among many top MMA fighters. See below for a full list of what each Team Hayabusa fighter will be wearing on fight night.


Bubba McDaniel: Hayabusa Haburi Compression Shorts
Brad Tavares: Hayabusa Chikara Performance Shorts
Erik Perez: Hayabusa Chikara Performance Shorts
Court McGee: Hayabusa Chikara Performance Shorts
James Head: Hayabusa Haburi Compression Shorts
Roger Bowling: Hayabusa Chikara Performance Shorts

Source: UFC Fight Night 27 Preview: Condit vs Kampmann II

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