The Men of Warrior Paperback Book

Topics: MMA Memorabilia

The movie “Warrior” this past summer was a huge hit, both among MMA fans and those who were less educated on the subject.  The movie inspired this book, which is a collection of photos by well-known film photographer Tim Palen.  Palen is known for his daring style; he has done work in promoting films such as Saw, Hostel, W, and Precious, among others.  He was also named by Entertainment Weekly as one of the “50 Smartest People in Hollywood,” which is no doubt a great honor.  Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, who play the roles of brothers who fight each other in the movie, are among those featured in these captivating pages.  The official book description reads:  “In these pages, Hardy and Edgerton show off their hard-earned fighting bodies and bloodied upper lips, capturing the tough and dramatic world of Warrior in a series of iconic images, all of which are poster-worthy.”  Any MMA fan who has seen the movie should take a look at this great collection of snapshots, which bring the movie alive again.

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