The Tommy Toe Hold Show 8/22

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

In this release from Tommy Toe Hold, he starts the show by telling a story of a Swedish MMA fighter rescuing a family that was drowning in a river. He goes on to talk a little bit about the fights on UFC 150’s card, and mentions how Jake Shields took a nap for 3 rounds. He mentions how Melvin Guillard (or as TTH refers to him, Cisco) got his backside handed to him courtesy of Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. His final comments on UFC 150 included his thoughts on the main event between Frankie “DNF” Edgar, and “Bizzy Bone”, Ben Henderson. Next on the list is the rematch between the newly “middleweight title relinquished”, “The Mouth” Chael Sonnen, and “Bigfoot” himself, Forrest Griffin. Take a look at the craziness that is Tommy Toe Hold, below!