The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX “I Am” Trailer

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The special premier event of the new Ultimate Fighter Live on FX is set to debut Friday, March 9th. The hype for the new live format has been huge and something needed to revive a legendary TUF series that catapulted the UFC onto a platform as the fastest growing sport in the world. The TUF cast is set wit 32 lightweight and welterweight fighters of the bat. They will cut that initial roster down to 16 during the two hour season premier to determine which fighters will make it into the house. UFC bantamweight champion Dominick “The Dominator” Cruz and his bitter rival Urijah Faber will be selecting the teams of 155 and 170 pounders to compete in the ultra exciting pressure cooker for the Ultimate Fighter Championship. Check out the TUF trailer “I Am” below to get those juices flowing with only weeks until the premier.


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