Throwdown Ice Shirt

Topics: MMA Clothing

Throwdown brings the house to its knees with their explosive new ice design featuring a bright green winged skeleton wearing metal armor on the shirt’s front side. This shirt truly delivers on both style and comfort with a relaxed slim fit and abstract ice themed design. The back continues the assault with more eye-catching style by green splatters surrounding the winged Throwdown logo. Each sleeve features a unique Throwdown symbol to bring the balance and brilliance full circle in Throwdown’s newest edition to mens MMA fashion. Whether you bring flight to the next MMA event, an occasional guys’ night out or to capture a womens attention, this shirt showcases your bold confidence as an MMA fan.

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Throwdown Ice Shirt | Front View

Throwdown Ice Shirt | Back View

Throwdown Ice Shirt | Front Graphic View

Throwdown Ice Shirt | Back Graphic View

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