Throwdown Shirts Summer 2012 Lookbook, Part 2

Topics: MMA Clothing

Seven new Throwdown shirts have been unleashed in the form of part 2 of their stellar summer t-shirt collection, which takes off perfectly from part 1, released earlier this season. Each design is unique, utilizing bold colors and lines to create a line of truly great MMA shirts. The design for most of Throwdown‘s graphics starts out the same, with the company’s logo featured at the top of the front in a downward curve. After that, each shirt carries its own vision, from those with clean-cut stencil lettering to bold distressed graphics as well as cool special effects. The tees included in this collection are the Fortify, Catapult, Breakthrough, Power, Stadium, Ultimate, and Knighted designs. Throughout the collection you may notice the UFC Gym logo on the sleeves as part of their partnership to support the opening of UFC Gyms including the most recent gym in Rosemead, California. Beat the heat for the remainder of the summer while looking fabulous with the help of these comfy cotton Throwdown shirts.

*Added new shirts: Berzerker, Crete, and Supersonic.