Throwdown Spring 2012 Shirt Collection, Part II

Topics: MMA Clothing

Throwdown continues to build their momentum this spring with a second wave of bold tees to add to their 2012 collection, Part I. This new bunch of designs brings style and class to another level, along with much variance and diversity just among the collection itself. Whether you’re looking for something dark and sinister, full of skulls and crossbones, or something more light and calm, or even something in between, your perfect style can be found somewhere within these nine new designs from Throwdown. The shirts included in this collection are the Statement, Eternal, Coyote, Arrow, Ares, Poseidon, Bullet, and Nightmare designs. Add some life to your t-shirt collection with some exciting new additions from Throwdown’s spring 2012 collection.

Throwdown Statement Shirt

Throwdown Eternal Shirt

Throwdown Coyote Shirt

Throwdown Arrow Shirt

Throwdown Ares Shirt

Throwdown Poseidon Shirt

Throwdown Bullet Shirt

Throwdown Nightmare Shirt
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Throwdown Nightmare Shirt

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