Throwdown Women’s Spring 2012 Shirts

Topics: MMA Clothing

Throwdown represents their women MMA enthusiasts by providing some new, exciting designs for us to sport during the events this Spring. Among the new designs are the Inca, Rhino, and Raptor tees. Throwdown used the same heart and determination embedded in their Men’s designs when creating these Women’s versions, and the same spirit shines through. The Rhino shows strength and sophistication with a pink and black distressed color palette and silver accents. The chained logo seen in many of their graphic designs makes an appearance on the front. The Rhino tee is a bit more toned down, and a little less hardcore. It features lighter pink graphics, over a pleasant heather gray colored t-shirt. The black stencil design behind the main graphic really gives it some oomph and adds visual interest. The Raptor design is busier, involving stunning wing graphics on the back along with Latin script and a curvaceous, abstract design throughout both sides. Watch the fights in style, ladies, and support your favorite fighters with Throwdown Clothing.

Throwdown Inca Womens Shirt - Front & Back View

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Throwdown Rhino Womens Baby Tee | Front & Back View

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Throwdown Womens Raptor Baby Tee | Front & Back View

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