Weekly Top 5 MMA Shirts: Walkout Edition

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After the highly anticipated matchups at UFC on FOX 2 this past weekend, two walkout shirts from the event have made an appearance on this week’s top 5 list. Chael Sonnen’s shirt by TapouT perfectly attributes his trash talking persona with the American Gangster theme, while taking first place on our list for creativity and style. Next from the UFC on Fox 2 card was Phil Davis’s shirt by Throwdown, taking the number three spot by combining excellent color and flow through originality. With a variety of excellent walkout shirts to choose from, the walkout shirt edition of our list of top 5 MMA shirts made for a very competitive and tough-to-judge lineup. Nick Diaz’s Metal Mulisha shirt has created a lot of buzz in the MMA community for its tough design that emphasizes Diaz’s bad boy image to a tee. Adding any one (or two) of these shirts to your collection is sure to make any avid MMA fan happy to represent their favorite fighter.

1. Chael Sonnen American Gangster UFC on Fox 2 Walkout Shirt

Chael Sonnen Walkout Shirt | Font View

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2. Metal Mulisha Nick Diaz UFC 143 Walkout Shirt

Nick Diaz Walkout Shirt | Front View

Nick Diaz Walkout Shirt | Back View

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3. Phil Davis Throwdown Odius UFC on Fox 2 Walkout Shirt

Phil Davis Walkout Shirt | Front View

Phil Davis Throwdown Walkout Shirt | Back View

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4. TapouT Ryan Bader UFC 144 Walkout Shirt

Ryan Bader Walkout Shirt | Front View

Ryan Bader Walkout Shirt | Back View

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5. TapouT Jake Shields UFC 144 Walkout Shirt

Jake Shields Walkout Shirt | Front View

Jake Shields Walkout Shirt | Back View

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