Top Brands to Enter the MMA Universe

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

The sport of mixed martial arts has been on the rise, with exponential growth just recently to include more fans, more fighters, and along with that, more sponsors. Us fans have seen some interesting sponsors inside the Octagon, and we’ve seen some big names. Some new sponsors that will be making appearances show just how far the sport has come since the UFC’s inception years ago. Among those new sponsors are Nike, Alienware, and It’s Time Industries. Alienware, a high-end computer brand by Dell, has been seen as of late on the shorts of fighters, and their sponsorship shows the mainstream potential that MMA is driving towards. The same could be said of Nike, the premiere athletic clothing brand that has stepped up to offer the first global sponsorship deal to an MMA fighter (Jon Jones). It’s Time Industries is actually a clothing brand by Bruce Buffer that will be coming soon, and could be seen inside the Octagon. All in all, the fact that such big names are taking notice of fighters in MMA shows that the sport is still growing, and the sky’s the limit.

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