Torque Velocity Series Boxing and MMA Gloves

Topics: MMA Gear

Looking for a new pair of gloves to keep up with your high pace in training?  Look no further than the new Torque Gloves, which boast performance for days and style you’ll be proud to show off.  The Torque Velocity Series Gloves feature three distinct options, including their Velocity: Ghost Boxing Gloves,  MMA Gloves and Boxing Gloves.  100% leather and multiple layer, closed cell padding combine to keep your hands safe and injury free, while a pre-curved design reduces hand strain.  Take a look at these three new sets of  Boxing Gloves and take your training to the next level.

Torque Velocity Ghost Boxing Gloves (10oz or 16oz) - Grey/BlackWhere to BuyDetails
Torque Velocity MMA Gloves - Black/RedWhere to BuyDetails
Torque Velocity Boxing Gloves (10oz or 16oz) - Black/RedWhere to BuyDetails