Triumph United Storm Trooper MMA Gloves

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A pair of Triumph United gloves are introduced to their stellar Storm Trooper collection, joining their boxing gloves, headgear, and more. A classy white and black color combination combines with iconic Triumph United graphics to create a truly original product that any mixed martial artist should be proud to wear for training. Full leather construction adds both comfort and even more style, while the reinforced finger loops and open palm style offer maximum dexterity, freedom of movement, and a light weight that keeps you moving at top speed. Quick-drying, anti-slip fabric and added wrist support round out the long feature list for these special Triumph United gloves, allowing you to really hone your skills while looking great in the process.

Triumph United Storm Trooper Open Palm MMA Glove - White
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Triumph United Storm Trooper Open Palm MMA Glove - White

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