UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II Poster

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This UFC 148 poster helps us remember the highly anticipated event with longing to see it again. This limited edition poster features the main event fight between UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and the man who almost defeated him in the past, Chael Sonnen. Silva vs. Sonnen II was one of the best rematches of the decade, in many fans’ opinion, and the UFC has immortalized it now in the form of this commemorative poster. This artwork, unlike that of the official event poster, focuses solely on the main event fight, showing Chael staring Silva down with a catchy tagline at the bottom. Whether you’re a Sonnen fan, Silva fan, or neither, this UFC 148 poster recognizes one of the most charged UFC fights ever, and it is one to be remembered.

UFC 148 Silva VS Sonnen II Limited Edition Poster
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UFC 148 Silva VS Sonnen II Limited Edition Poster