UFC 2012 Support The Troops Shirt

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With Memorial Day just around the corner on Monday, we remember the toughest fighters of them all with a Support the Troops shirt for 2012 from the UFC. This shirt honors those who have fought for our country’s freedom, with the shadows of four soldiers shown front and center. The UFC logo appears in camo print, while the rest of the tee retains an army green color. The shirt is an army tribute through and through, with patches on the arms revealing the American flag and the Intrepid Fallen Heroes fund, an organization that the UFC regularly raises money for. This is the official shirt of Memorial Day 2012, and a portion of its proceeds will go to the fund. Do your part this Memorial Day to remember those who have stood up for America by wearing this symbolic shirt on your day off this coming Monday.

UFC 2012 Support The Troops Memorial Day Shirt
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UFC 2012 Support The Troops Memorial Day Shirt

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