UFC App on Xbox Offers 30% Off UFC 154

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The UFC is celebrating the return of GSP with a special discount on UFC 154 for Xbox 360 fans. The discount includes standard definition and high definition purchases at a 30% discount for a limited time. You can get UFC 154 for HD @ $38.49 or SD @ $31.49. The UFC app has evolved into the go to app for real UFC fans. Features include streaming Facebook preliminaries, interactive fight cards with in depth fighter information and fight picks with leaderboards. You can also check out free fights including: UFC 65 Hughes vs. GSP 2 and GSP vs Serra 2, press conference, weigh-ins, primetime, and spotlight videos. As you can see the UFC app has become an all-in-one destination for upcoming events. With only 3 days until GSP returns to the world famous Octagon you don’t want to miss this event live and now is the time to score the event on sale while checking out a killer UFC experience.

Instructions: Go to your Xbox 360 dashboard and select ‘apps’ on the top navigation bar. Now select the green ‘Browse Apps’ tile. From here the ‘UFC’ app tile should be under the featured section if you don’t see it you can press ‘Y’ on your controller and search for the UFC app. Once you have downloaded the app it will now show up in your ‘My Apps’ tile under the ‘apps’ navigation section. Once your into the UFC app its pretty self explanatory.

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