UFC.com Website Hacked by UGNazi Group

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The UFC.com website was the target of a Hacker Group self-proclaimed as the Underground Nazi Group. With the recent buzz on the internet surrounding the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), the UFC had made it known that they favor the bill when Lawrence Epstein, general counsel for Zuffa, wrote this piece for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The opposition and fans alike have now taken aim at Zuffa with tweets and most recently, the hacking of UFC.com. The UFC.com homepage was vandalized by redirecting the site to UGNazi.com. UGNazi.com was taken down within hours of the hack. The page that was seen my may visiting the UFC.com homepage was as follows:

UFC.com Hacked Homepage

“Josh Matthews (@JoshTheGod),” the person taking responsibility on Twitter for the hack boasted by tweeting this:

Josh Matthews Hacker Tweet

Dana White replied to fans by showing that he doesn’t care about UFC.com by saying:

Dana White UFC.com Response

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