UFC Reed Krakoff Chuck Liddell Shirt

Topics: MMA Clothing
Even in retirement, ‘The Iceman’ wields a legacy unlike many that we MMA fans have seen in the sport, and we welcome a more subdued take on a Chuck Liddell shirt from the UFC.  This classy UFC Reed Krakoff Chuck Liddell shirt reveals a softer side to the knockout king, pulling our attention towards the captivating image of the former champ in profile.  Similar to Krakoff’s BJ Penn shirt, this tee sports an inspiring quote on the back, “Train Hard, Fight Hard, Play Hard.”  Inspired by the amazing book “FIGHTER,” Liddell’s image on the front actually comes from its collection of popular photos.  Whether its the quote that gets you going, or your love and respect for one of the greatest light heavyweights to grace the Octagon, this Chuck Liddell shirt is a sure thing for the upcoming fall season, especially with a slough of great events coming up to give you an excuse to wear it.
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