UFC Toxic Shirt

Topics: MMA Clothing

The UFC’s new line of MMA shirts is full of bold, eccentric designs such as this UFC shirt, called “Toxic.”  This Toxic tee is made of 20/single 100% cotton and is cut in a Men’s crew neck style.  The unique design is meant to convey a poisonous look.  The octagon is featured in the center, with UFC underneath in very large letters.  A broken border surrounds the design.  Black spots appear on the front in random areas, adding to the “toxic” theme.  The color is aptly a poison green, with some darker green used as well.  The graphics are produced using a potassium spray screen print.  The Ultimate Fighting Championship logo appears with an octagon on the back at the collar as well.  Don’t get caught watching the next big UFC event without this bold UFC shirt from the UFC’s new line!

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