UFC Ultimate Training MMA Shoes

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The UFC and Ringstar have teamed up to bring us the UFC Ultimate Training shoes, which are perfect for MMA.  These are no ordinary shoes, combining technology innovations with style and class.  They are for indoor use only, and are a mixed martial artist’s dream.  The soles feature Ringstar® R3 closed-cell foam padding with triple layered protection, which provides the best in comfort and performance.  They also feature patented impact protection, which is located in the strike points on the foot.  Impact protection is important when your feet take a beating on a daily basis!  The material is ultra lightweight, which is designed for greater speed, power and protection without weighing you down in the process (great for MMA).  Also from Ringstar is the patented Training Sole™, which better protects the foot and the Achilles heel from injury and wear.  An integrated lace hiding system also makes an appearance, which prevents laces from being caught on any equipment while training.  These shoes are perfect for training and sparring; they are currently offered in 2 color schemes:  black/red and white/silver.

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