Urijah Faber Walkout Shirt

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A Urijah Faber shirt for his upcoming UFC 149 appearance has been unleashed by Torque, an up and coming brand to the MMA apparel scene and co-founded by Urijah Faber. Their logo is stunning, with a large letter T in the center of a steel shield. The shirt features these sleek Torque logos on each sleeve as well as the back, along with their website address on both sides as well. Faber’s typical Amp Energy emblem still appears in the center, and his last name graces the back, allowing you to really showcase your support for the title contender. To sweeten the deal, Torque is offering a free Max Shield shirt with this purchase, expanding your collection with a smart new brand while boosting your summer style. If you’re in the former champ’s corner at UFC 149, pick up this Urijah Faber shirt to show ultimate support for his interim title fight against Renen Barao on the 21st.

Torque Urijah Faber Walkout Shirt
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Torque Urijah Faber Walkout Shirt

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