Venum Amazonia MMA Headgear

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Quality MMA head gear isn’t necessarily easy to come across these days, with the market filled with imitators.  Venum is a brand that MMA fighters and trainers can trust; their quality is unsurpassed, especially when it comes to MMA head gear.  Venum’s Amazonia collection brings the best of both worlds by offering not just function and comfort, but stylish design as well.  The Amazonia gear features a unique snakeskin design, in several fabulous colors (they are currently only offering Teal due to high demand).  This MMA head gear by Venum is hand made in Thailand, of 100% premium Skintex leather.  This stylish gear is made with triple density contoured foam, which offers head, cheek, ear, and chin protection.  There is a flexible, two-way velcro enclosure (vertical, then horizontal) to maximize efficiency.  An embossed label and slick graphics appear on the top of the front, as well as the center of the back of the gear.  Some of the best fighters in the MMA world won’t trust any other brand after trying Venum MMA head gear; try it yourself, and you’ll never use anything else either!

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