Venum Amazonia MMA Shin Guards

Topics: MMA Gear

Venum, a Brazil-based MMA equipment and apparel company, is the best in the business when it comes to fight gear.  Good shin guards are an important piece of equipment for mixed martial artists, who take a lot of damage on a regular basis in training.  These Venum Amazonia MMA shin guards provide incredible protection for your body while looking great in the process.  Some professional fighters won’t use any other brand of MMA shin guards since trying Venum’s high quality versions.  The Amazonia collection features an eye-catching snakeskin design, offered in either black or teal.  As with a lot of the gear that Venum offers, these MMA shin guards are designed and hand made in Thailand by using a unique print technology.  They are very lightweight and durable, made from 100% premium synthetic leather and neoprene.  The padding is made of high-density foam with additional padding across the shin and instep for added support and comfort; the Velcro enclosure adds more flexible comfort. 

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