Venum Athletic Performance Trailer 2012

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

Venum gets fans hyped about their world-class products to start off the summer with an exciting athletic performance trailer for 2012. Filmed in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, the trailer gives us a look at some of Venum’s products from 2012, as well as some their fighters, training intensely. Wildly popular shorts designs such as their Electron 2.0 and Amazonia 3.0 are shown, as well as a few of their laid-back shirt styles, such as Bangkok Fury and Legends. Venum fighters take their training seriously, just as the people at Venum take their products seriously, which this video displays for our viewing pleasure. Check out the hardcore conditioning and sparring sessions some of them go through, and pick up a couple of Venum’s 2012 products to help you get through training.

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