Venum MMA Gloves “Amazonia” for Men & Women

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Venum MMA Gloves are a must-have for any serious mixed martial artist in today’s training environment.  With competition getting better and better, train to be the best with Venum gear.  Venum combines expert training performance with a great design and unparalleled comfort.  Like most of their products, the Venum MMA gloves are designed and hand made in Thailand by using unique print technology and premium Skintex leather.  The gloves have an open palm to give full control when grappling; they are standard 6 oz. gloves.  They feature a high-density couture lining and a multi-layered foam system for enhanced shock absorption.  They are held together using high-density thread.  Another important feature is the unique Velcro clamping wrist strap, which adds more flexibility and comfort.  Skintex embossed leather labels appear on the cuffs as well as the top of each glove.  The cuff shows the Venum brand label, and the top shows the signature Venum snake head. MMA gloves are essential training tools for any mixed martial artist today; they are the same type of gloves that are sanctioned by most athletic commissions for use in competition.

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