Venum Shin Guards “Amazonia” for Standup

Topics: MMA Gear

When it comes to training standup, trust Venum to protect your shins!  Their premium quality craftsmanship come through in every product they produce.  Venum shin guards are truly exceptional in quality.  Using unique print technology, they are actually designed and hand made in Thailand, one of the original homes of martial arts.  Venum shin guards are made of 100% premium Skintex leather and the padding consists of high-density foam.  There is additional padding across the shin and instep for added comfort.  Venum shin guards provide the best of both performance and comfort; they are lightweight and durable, with Velcro enclosures.  Two impressive colors are currently available:  black and teal.  The labels and graphics are embossed; they are long lasting and durable.  The trademark Venum hissing snake appears on the front, with a Venum logo appearing over the foot piece as well.  The snake logo hit also makes an appearance on the Velcro closure on the back.  If you want results that come with comfort, durability, and style, give Venum a try, and you’ll never go back to other brands. 

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