Venum Shirts Fall 2012 Lookbook, Part 2

Topics: MMA Clothing

The Brazilian snake is hitting the fall market hard with a fresh batch of snappy Venum shirts, offering some bright new options for fans clamoring over the first wave of their fall 2012 shirt collection. These six new tees encompass all that Venum is known for, including references to famous disciplines, legends, and iconic locations, as well as the use of great colors, clean lines, and a fierce attitude. The designs included in this bold collection are: Boxing Legends, Judo, Carioca, Heavy Hitters, BJJ Stars, and Lucha Libre. Each is unique in its own respect, but they all represent the sport of mixed martial arts with honor and pride. Go ahead and choose your favorite new Venum shirts to show off during this busy season of exciting fights to come.