Venum Skintex Sparring MMA Gloves

Topics: MMA Gear

The Brazilian Snake is at it again, with a fresh release of their world-class gloves, this time specifically for MMA sparring training. Featuring premium Skintex leather, these gloves are incredibly durable and long-lasting, providing strength and reliability for many years to come. The ergonomic shape means that your hands will always be comfortable, and your possibility of injury is lessened quite a bit. The gloves are hand made in Thailand, providing the best in quality for your hard-working hands. The open-finger and open-palm design allows movement and versatility to be maximized, while the extra padding along the knuckles maximizes protection. Pick up a pair of these fantastic new gloves, and pair it with a top notch Venum rashguard to bring your sparring to the next level.

Venum Skintex Sparring MMA Gloves | Front & Back

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