Venum Wand Fury Shirt – Black Version

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Venum’s popular Wand Fury shirt gets a black and bloody facelift with a new black version to give you some variety to choose from. Reminiscent of the Venum Fight Team tee, this shirt pays homage to Wanderlei Silva and his stable of fighters currently competing for a UFC contract via TUF Brazil. Made in Brazil with a blood-red, fang tipped logo and an “Axe Murderer” face looming in the design, this shirt is perfect to represent Silva and his team. Whether you love the show, or you’re a hardcore Wanderlei Silva fan, or if you just can’t wait to see him throw down with Vitor Belfort soon, pick up his fight team tee and represent his team in the lead-up to the fight.

Venum Wand Fury Shirt - Black Version
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Venum Wand Fury Shirt - Black Version

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