Venum Wand Team TUF Brazil Shockwave Shirt (Green/Yellow Version)

Topics: MMA Clothing

TUF Brazil continues to make waves in the MMA reality television world with a cast of talented fighters, world-class coaches, and plenty of eye-catching MMA apparel to keep you interested. Most well known is Wanderlei Silva’s Wand Fight Team shirt, deemed the “Shockwave.” Recently released was the cobalt blue version of the shirt, and now they bring us their special edition green/yellow version. Incorporating the same stunning graphics and rugged fighting attitude, along with Venum and Wand Fight Team logo hits here and there, this style is without a doubt a head turner. The new green color and yellow accents actually make up the colors of Brazil, which works out nicely considering the show is based around Brazil. Support TUF’s global expansion with your very own Wand Fight Team green tee.

Venum Wand Team TUF Brazil Shockwave Shirt | Green/Yellow

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