VXRSI Hero Series Shirts

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VXRSI acknowledges the pioneers of the great sport of MMA with a few bright new designs called their Hero Series, built to pay tribute to pillars of the sport’s history, such as Randy Couture, Rickson Gracie, and Saku. This collection focuses on the idea of respecting these pioneers, using witty sayings that go hand in hand with that person’s greatest skill set. For example, their Rickson shirt states boldly, “Rickson Subs All,” commemorating a true artist of the submission game, who went 11-0 with 11 submissions throughout his career. The Hero Series also recognizes Randy Couture’s ridiculously long resume, involving 6 championship titles, UFC records, and of course the Hall of Fame, with the text proclaiming “Randy Always Goes.” Celebrate the career of some of your favorite fighters from MMA’s beginning while supporting the sport today with a classy Hero Series shirt from VXRSI.

VXRSI Hero Series Randy Shirt

VXRSI Hero Series Rickson Shirt

VXRSI Hero Series Saku Shirt

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