VXRSI Spring 2012 Shirt Collection, Part II

Topics: MMA Clothing

VXRSI storms out of the gate this spring with a fresh new shirt collection that has fans talking. Their name, meaning “way or direction, against, versus,” is becoming a staple for creative and vibrant t-shirt designs made with heart and soul. Their spring 2012 shirt collection includes the Beast, Fightlife 2, Bruhammad, Randy, Rickson, and Saku shirts. The last 3 designs are actually from VXRSI’s hero series, paying homage to some of the most influential fighters in our sport’s history. With vibrant colors and lively designs, VXRSI has just the thing to bring some variety and life to your MMA clothing collection; wear one of these new tees to the next big event and get noticed.

VXRSI Beast Shirt

VXRSI Fightlife 2 Shirt

VXRSI Bruhammad Shirt

VXRSI Hero Series Randy Shirt

VXRSI Hero Series Rickson Shirt

VXRSI Hero Series Saku Shirt

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