Fight Style: Wearing MMA Apparel

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

In this edition of Fight Style, we look at some of the UFC’s exciting fighters as well as a baseball player making waves as of late. First, we have a photo of Erick Silva and Demian Maia, with Silva sporting his signature walkout shirt from Bad Boy MMA, and Maia wearing one of their hoodies. Next in line is Junior Dos Santos, posing for a fan pic with a his native country of Brazil, showing off a UFC Twisted hoodie. Following ‘Cigano’ is Phil Davis, who pridefully displays his signature Affliction shirt and a UFC Marquee trucker hat on his birthday. Last, but not least, is Major League Baseball player Pablo Sandoval, whose MVP performance in the 2012 World Series earned his San Francisco Giants the title. He sports his signature shirt from Dethrone in this picture not too long after the victory. Take a peek at all of the pictures, and pick up a few of your favorites to round out 2012.

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