What is the Perfect BJJ gi?

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First, we have to come to an understanding that there is no perfect BJJ gi. It doesn’t matter how much you debate it on the mats or in the forums, there is no such thing. But fear not young grappler! There is a perfect gi…For you. For me, the perfect gi is based on three factors: company, cut, and design. To me, it is important to only buy from companies that I believe in. I also want the gi to fit perfectly and I really enjoy a flashy and bold design. As you can likely guess, some of my favorite gis come from CTRL Industries, Shoyoroll, Tatami, and Bull Terrier (among others). The more bling on the gi, the better!

You might care about these things too. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you care more about durability because you train 10-14 times per week. Maybe you only care about the design and rarity of the gi.

Here’s a good list of things to consider when trying to find the best gi for you:

• Cut/fit – Do you prefer slimmer/bagger/shorter/longer cut gis?
• Comfort – Do you like your jacket to feel like sandpaper or extremely soft?
• Design – Do you like your gi plain? Blinged out? Totally different?
• Company – Does your company give back to the sport? Do you like their owners?
• Durability – Would you prefer a heavier gi with more durability or a lighter gi that won’t last as long?
• Rarity – Are you willing to pay more for a gi that nobody else has? Do you want a rare gi from another country?
• Availability – Can you get this gi any time or do you have to pre-order? Do you have to order it from another country?
• Material – Jacket materials (gold/pearl/ripstop/etc weave) are very different from one another. And the same is true with the weight and material (ripstop/cotton/poly/etc) of the pants.

This short guide is only meant to serve as a primer. For a more thorough guide, join the GiReviews.Net mailing list and download my free eBook that I guarantee will answer every BJJ gi-related question you have ever had.

If you ever need help choosing the right gi for you, or have questions about any of the qualities listed above, just contact me via the GiReviews.Net contact page and I’ll get back to you right away. I hope this has been helpful to you in your search for the “perfect gi!”