Xtreme Couture Duane “Bang” Ludwig UFC 146 Walkout Shirt

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Duane Ludwig will look to “Bang” with fellow welterweight striker Dan Hardy this May at UFC 146 when the two exciting fighters meet inside the Octagon. Ludwig will look to hand Hardy his pink slip from the UFC with an impressive stoppage, while Hardy looks to hang on to his spot in the promotion. Ludwig will walkout wearing Xtreme Couture again, as he did for his UFC on FX 1 fight, when he wore their Jailbreak shirt. He’s sticking with orange as his walkout color of choice, although he’s going with a less blinding version this time around. The Xtreme Couture Iliad shirt will be his official walkout shirt for the upcoming event; the design conveys strength and fortitude, with an iron shield making up the main graphic on the front. A faded black/orange color scheme and hanging chains on the back add a distinct rugged vibe to the tee, emanating Ludwig’s fierce Muay Thai style perfectly.

Xtreme Couture Duane Bang Ludwig UFC 146 Walkout Shirt

Xtreme Couture Duane Bang Ludwig UFC 146 Walkout Shirt

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