Duane “Bang” Ludwig UFC on FX Walkout: Xtreme Couture Jailbreak Shirt

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This Xtreme Couture shirt, called “Jailbreak,” would without a doubt stand out in a crowd; it is also the official walkout tee for Duane “Bang” Ludwig in the upcoming UFC on FX event.  Considering the recent decision by the UFC to honor his 4-second knockout as the fastest in UFC history, now is a good time to give him some support to keep up the good work.  Both the color and design leave nothing to be desired, including eye-catching details and even some blue foil accents.  The Xtreme Couture logo sits at the very top, with their signature CXC logo in the center and a star above it.  These letters are covered in gold-colored shackles, which embody the “jailbreak” theme of the tee.  A gold skull wearing a crown appears at the bottom, with keys as crossbones; lightning bolts and blue foil detailing surround this graphic.  Different logos appear on both sleeves.  The back features the same shackled CXC logo as on the front, with the same star at the top.  Represent your love for MMA in style with this bold orange Xtreme Couture shirt.

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