Xtreme Couture Spring 2012 Shirt Collection

Topics: MMA Clothing

Xtreme Couture has an all-new line up for us MMA fans to choose from this spring in their attractive apparel line. Their new shirts accentuate the grit and determination seen in the fighters that we watch with such passion. The Spring 2012 collection includes five bold new designs, with the Amazon, Saracen, Pandora, Thor, and Solid tees making an appearance recently. The Amazon shirt features a skull and crossbones inside a shield, with a splatter pattern incorporated around the CXC logo. The Saracen shirt’s abstract design and foil accents give it the “X” factor, and the bright, unexpected colors make it worth a double-take. The Pandora uses a regal design and metallic foil to catch your attention, and keep it. Featuring a warrior on the back holding an intricately designed shield, this is a must-have for MMA enthusiasts. Then we have the Thor tee, which has a wild design complete with a skull, reapers, and bold blue accents. Last, but definitely not least, is the Solid shirt. This design embodies “Strength, Power, Performance,” while featuring skulls wearing helmets and wings. These new shirts feature exciting new designs from one of the best MMA apparel companies out there, and they’re available for fans now.

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