Xtreme Couture Womens GSP Shirt

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The popular MMA clothing brand Xtreme Couture came about in 2006, and their name is still growing today.  The inception of Xtreme Couture was a collaborated effort between Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture and the established clothing brand Affliction.  This womens gsp shirt is one of their newer designs from the womens gsp shirt line; the tee is tight-fitted, with a popular V-neck cut.  The Georges St. Pierre signature fleur de lis design is featured in dark pink on the front of the womens gsp shirt, with his moniker ‘Rush’ in print on the bottom; the back features the ‘Xtreme Couture’ label as well as Georges St. Pierre’s name printed at the bottom, and the fleur de lis design also appears on the back, in the middle with gray/black coloring.  The ‘Xtreme Couture’ logo is also printed on the outside of each sleeve in dark pink on the beautiful Womens GSP shirt. Georges St. Pierre is the longtime reigning UFC Welterweight champion, and widely considered to be one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Recently he’s been getting a lot of criticism for his fighting style, and for the first time in a long time, he’s taken a 3rd fight for the year 2011. He’s preparing to face former UFC Welterweight and current Strikeforce Welterweight champion Nick Diaz in a highly-anticipated bout. The event has yet to be announced, but this shirt is an adorable way to show your support for the champ in the meantime!

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