Affliction Cain Velasquez UFC 180 Walkout Shirt

Topics: MMA Clothing
With The Ultimate Fighter:  Latin America in full swing, we look ahead to the season’s culminating event, UFC 180, with a free-spirited Cain Velasquez Walkout Shirt designed specifically for this groundbreaking fight.  Keeping true to his roots, this Affliction Cain Velasquez UFC 180 Walkout Shirt shows off the red, white, and green colors of his native flag over a slick black background.  The same ferocity shown by the dominant wrestler’s fighting style is proudly displayed across the surface of this thrilling tee, accented by flags on the back and a majestic eagle front and center.  Express your pride for the Heavyweight Champion by sporting this new Cain Velasquez Walkout Shirt ahead of UFC 180, and watch the event in supportive style.
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