Style Match: Affliction GSP Battle Shirt + Wildfox Cargo Shorts

Topics: MMA Clothing

Affliction’s clothing line so far this spring, and even seasons before now, has been pushing out quality designs at an extraordinary pace, keeping fans looking fresh for the fights and looking good in between. Their designs are not only great on their own, paired with jeans, but they also complement each other quite well. Many of their pieces seem to be made for each other, soul mates in the world of MMA apparel, such as their Rich Franklin tee, Bolt shorts, and even the Bolt hat. Here, we feature Affliction’s Wildfox Cargo Shorts, which reveal a subtle lava wash and plenty of pocket room. The GSP Battle Tee from their extensive shirt collection makes a perfect stylistic matchup with these shorts. The black accents in this design accomplishes a great pairing with the shorts, and you’ll stand out while looking like you really know what you’re doing with your style.

Affliction GSP Battle Shirt

Affliction Wildfox Cargo Shorts

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